Hurricane Rita forecasts its landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast

NASA administrators at the organization's Johnson Space Center in Houston stopped up the manned spaceflight capability as Hurricane Rita approaches the Texas Gulf Coast.

The shutting went into consequence at 2:00 p.m. EDT and will persist until the hurricane hazard has accepted, NASA officials said, adding together that a petite crisis squad will stay behind onsite. Primary mission operations of the International Space Station now orbiting more than 200 miles above the Earth, will be offered over to Russian flight organizers while the JSC location is closed, they additional.

Flying on board the ISS are Expedition 11 commander Sergei Krikalev and flight engineer John Phillips, who are packaging up a six-month mission committed. The station squad has been conversant of the groundings, NASA administrators said.

The hurricane was hub at about 260 miles west of Key West, Florida and 775 miles east of Corpus Christi, Texas, with its landfall expected Saturday as at least a Category 3 storm, NHC forecasters taled.

Hartsfield said JSC implemented its "liberal leave" strategy allowing personnel extra time to arrange their homes and families for the hurricane's entrance, before the JSC closure. About 3,000 civil servants and up to 12,000 outworkers work at JSC, NASA officials said.Hurricane Rita is the second major hurricane NASA in recent weeks.

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