Tropical Storm Lisa

Lisa on Sept. 25 at 1523 UTC (11:23 a.m. EDT) the AIRS instrument showed much warmer cloud tops then than were seen in previous days, indicating that the cloud tops were not as high and cold as they were before. The stronger the thunderstorms and convection (rapidly rising air that forms thunderstorms that power a tropical cyclone) the stronger the storm.

Therefore, warmer cloud tops indicate that the power in a tropical cyclone is weakening as the clouds don't have the push to bring cloud tops higher. The last advisory on Lisa was issued by the National Hurricane Center on Sept. 25 at 5 p.m. EDT when Lisa's remnants were near 26.1 North and 29.4 west. At that time, Lisa's remnant low pressure area had maximum sustained winds near 30 mph, and weakening. Lisa was drifting north-northwest and continued in that direction over the weekend. Lisa has no chance for regeneration.

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